Type of Bookings
Island Arts Studio is a safe, friendly venue and we aim to keep it that way. The venue is suitable for private bookings, events, meetings, rehearsals and exhibitions. Island Arts Studio reserves the right to vet the type bookings we accept.

First Aid
A first aid box and accident report book is situated in the kitchenette/bar area. Please ask if you need support as we do have trained first aiders available. Please ensure that if you have an accident, that an accident report form has been completed.

Health and Safety
All activities and events here has public and staff safety as a prerequisite and our staff will ensure that all requirements are met. Please make yourself aware of our policies before you attend your event or activity.

Fire Policy
Please make yourself aware of all fire notices and exits. The fire signal is a continuous whistle.

We have a range of options available for you, please see here [LINK] or ask when you book.

Thank you for reading!